Galvanized Ductwork

Galvanized Iron (G.I.) Ductwork system use galvanized iron that varies in thickness from 0.56mm to 1.5mm. G.I. Duct. G.I. is crush and a great resistant to corrosion. The life of GI Duct is longer & durable.


G.I. Duct is suitable for small, medium and large project in residential, industrial and commercial buildings. It is widely used on prestigious project such as Hotels, residential/commercial towers, Hospitals and Malls.


DW 144

SMACNA/DW144 Approved beading

A. ‘I’ Beading- The most common beading used by HVAC industry. This beading strengthens duct and leaves an “I’ or linear impression on the sheet. The beading process must be performed using a beader machine, which is fitted with specialized tooling. At NAYDUCT factory we have one independent beader machine and another fitted to Auto Duct Folder (ADF), which helps in faster work process.

B. Cross-braking- It is a technique performed using a press brake. The operator marks the bend line on the sheet as a guide, then lines it up with punch tip and performs a shallow bend. A second bend is made across this initial one, leaving an “X” impression on the sheet. This technique is widely used by many fabricators across the world.

C. ‘Z’ Beading- It is a technique performed using an independent machine to mark the lines in “Z” shapes. This technique is used by major fabricator and not widely available to the potential clients . We at NAYDUCT use ADF to form the ‘Z’ beading on Ductwork.

D. Trapezoidal or Trapezium Pleating- The trapezoidal pleating is new to the market and rarely available to any fabricator, the advantage of Trapezoidal pleading HVAC Duct is that, it makes the duct stronger and extra strengthen as compare to normal available pleating such as “linear beating” and “Z beading”. We are the only fabricator of Trapezoidal pleating Duct in UAE.


Arecllor-Mittal-South Africa


Daily Production (8 hours a day) 9500-12000 square feet ( 800-1000 M2)
Monthly (26 working days) 250000-300000 square feet (23000- 26000 m2)

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